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About Haneman

Opened in Miyazu area In 2005, it is a ramen store specializing in materials and handmade.
From lunch to late dinner, guests with families, a cup of a little on the way back from work ... customers are widely used.
People from all over the country may visit us at Amanohashidate sightseeing and returning from Ine.
We offer limited ramen with rich soup with eating response both "pork bone" "miso" "pig bone soy sauce" "soup noodle", so please have a taste .

Also, many visitors to the Amanohashidate sightseeing tour, sea fishing to Miyazu and Ine direction are dropped by on and off.


Counter seats


Ideal for your family



In the store
There is a counter seat and a seat.


The busy season ends as soon as noodles and soup disappears.
Closed: Monday · irregular Tuesday.
Phone number: 0772-46-3312