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Introduction of ramen

Haneman ramen 760yen
L:920yen S:610yen

Chinese noodles 710yen
L:870yen S:560yen

Salt ramen 730yen
L:950yen S:640yen

Miso ramen 760yen
L:920yen S:610yen

New Amanohashidate ramen 890yen
L:1050yen S:740yen

New Ramen chicken salt ramen 860yen
L:1020yen S:710yen


■ Ramen (Chinese noodle)
It is a signboard ramen of our most popular boasting of soup with pork bone and chicken rose.
It is a soy sauce flavored pursuing the deliciousness of natural materials by using stewed vegetables stewed in order to make ramen rich.
Noodles are made using Hiroshima made straight noodles, which I felt was the most delicious food I ate by myself, basically stiff and boiled up.
Pork is used swine grown in Tottori prefecture pasture, not too sweet, not too spicy, boasts exquisite balanced homemade sauce.
Every night, I use soy sauce soaked in soy sauce overnight, soaked the taste of soy sauce on the meat.

■ Salt Ramen
It is salt ramen which uses salt of sweet eyes of body-friendly natural material.
People who are leaning pig bones and thick ramen ... this person is also a popular signboard menu for this salt ramen.

■ Miso ramen
Together with miso soup, supple supple supplementary chill noodles,
It is miso ramen with sesame flavor.

■ Soup noodles
It is a rice noodle that gave a little sesame-seasoned rich flavor and umami.
Minced meat is sweet and fried, soup is weak, dry, balanced and exquisite.

Side menu

Fried rice


Pord fillet rice bowl

Pork fillet

Sauteed bean sprouts

Fried chiken wings



Rice… s 100yen m 150yen L 200yen  ※100% Tango Rice(Rank A)



Ramen set


All prices are tax included



spice ramen

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